Packaging design

Packaging design is the creation of packaging and containers.

Packaging plays a strategic role that goes far beyond its basic functions of protection, preservation, storage, transport, etc. packaging also has a mission to inform, present, position, seduce, differentiate and enhance the product.

Internationally, sales growth

business directly linked to design is

+32% - McKinsey & Company

The emergence of new technologies, driven by changes in society and the market, is having an impact on packaging design. packaging design . In today's consumer market, packaging is at the heart of marketing strategy. The packaging design is the creation of packaging and containers. It's all about standing out from the crowd. Regardless of the fact that packaging contains, protects and preserves the contents, it also informs the user. Product presentation, positioning and enhancement are key to achieving differentiation and standing out from the competition. The aim is to make packaging as competitive as possible.

DESIGN PACKAGING is ALSO about seduction.

There's no denying that when it comes to packaging design, innovation is the key element. However, it's no longer just a question of finding a good idea and an attractive design, but above all of relying on a full understanding of social, technological and economic factors to best adapt to the consumer's lifestyle.

The designer has a wide range of physical tools and techniques that can also be knowledge-based, including materials (wood, paper and cardboard, glass, metals and plastics), the use of color and imagery through printing processes.

The cost of a design approach varies between 0.01% and 1% of the company's sales.

product costing - Enterprise and design

Branding is a key activity in packaging packaging design (the brand appears visibly to consumers via packaging and advertising). Designers are sensitized to the many aspects of branding and brand values to create packaging that implements, identifies and reinforces these values at the point of purchase, so that the brand becomes a positive element in the consumer's life. The aim is to make people want to buy the product for emotional reasons.

In environmental terms packaging design plays a major role in recycling. In order to preserve the environment, the issue of packaging and waste has become a priority.

The packaging design requires a great deal of rigor in the face of legal obligations to design packaging that is safe, effective and not misleading. It must also provide accurate information in line with legislation, be safe for the environment and harmless for consumers.