A code is an addition of elements used to represent and transmit information. It's easy to compare the design to a finely-tuned code that reveals values, possibilities and intentions... design agency works in a field that aims to concretely represent an idea by coordinating functional, aesthetic and technical constraints... with each other. These representations can be tangible (object, location, catalog, flyer, packaging...) or digital (logo, website, mobile interface, graphic charter...).

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The design plays an increasingly important role in the competitiveness of companies and has become a means of communication means of communication. Today, this is an important factor in differentiation,innovation and added value.

84% of companies give design a role

sales were up 34% year-on-year.

compared with the average - Design Concil


The philosophy of SV DESIGN philosophy is to strike a coherent balance between function and form. Our Design Thinking methodology applies equally to the conception of an object, packaging, location or communication medium. Our agency has also been awarded the CII - Crédit Impôt Innovation 2021-2025. In keeping with the established specifications, our conviction is to create a result that is fair, functional and meaningful. The goal is achieved not when there's nothing left to add, but when there's nothing left to take away...


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Since 2011, SV DESIGN has been providing global design for companies, local authorities and startups. Located on the outskirts of Lyon we provide you with meaningful, flexible and relevant support in the field of creation. Building on our experience and expertise, we can offer you our expertise in the following areas:

Depending on your needs, we surround ourselves with specialized partners to always provide a complete and unique response to your projects. Professional and true to its values, our design agency is committed to respecting the highest ethical standards when it comes to the origin of its inspirations, and to using a unique and adapted process for all its creations.

Since then, the studio has successfully completed hundreds of projects with a number of major brands: Renault, Best Western, LG, Areco, Wurth, Vinci, Guy Hoquet, GHEF, Mercure Hotels, Biofutur, CNIM, ABB, NatiFIV...

"Harmonizing function and form is no longer enough. Objects also need poetry, personality to create a game of seduction, a resonance with people."