Visual Communication

SV DESIGN is also a communication agency . The development of the Internet, websites and social networks means that communication is booming. It includes all information techniques based onimages, graphics and illustrations.

"A picture is worth a thousand words" - Confucius

It consists in transmitting information to consumers, attracting their attention, seducing them or improving a brand's image. It is present in the field of marketing, particularly in packaging design, signage, brand image, point-of-sale layout / merchandising...

Lyon communications agency:

The creation of a brand/logo brand/logo

The development of a website customized website

The design of printed materials attractive and consistent

It goes without saying that visual communication is at the heart of every company's identity. It's even omnipresent in our daily lives, through symbols, signs, flyers and images... Unlike plain text, it allows content to be made impactful and accessible to everyone. A single image can convey a great deal of information, whereas text will be longer or shorter depending on the amount of information given, and therefore not necessarily attractive to individuals. That's why the objective of a communication agency is to build a unique, clear and attractive image for its client.

Graphic design involves creating graphic elements (drawings, typefaces, photos, colors, etc.) to create a coherent visual communication. Each element is symbolic, meaningful and obviously directly linked to the project targets, the values of the company in question, the environment in which the medium will be used... The aim is always to promote, inform or educate.

68% of people believe that the success factor

of a company is its image

brand - Design Ladder

A flexible communications agency!

Thevisual communicationis undeniable in many fields, particularly in the corporate world, to create an efficient, identifiable brand image and improve brand awareness. It is also essential for development on social networks, as conveying information in image form is much more striking and attractive than providing information in text form.

77% of companies that integrate design suffer

less price competition

(versus 43%) - Design Concil

Calling on a communication agency will enable the company to communicate through its image in a coherent, rapid and effective way with others. It is essential in our society, as it has the particularity of rapidly conveying a universal message understood by all types of individual. It's essential for companies because it makes it easier to develop their brand image, gain greater visibility and become more easily identifiable.