Design of a protective cover

Services: industrial design, technical & functional optimization, CAD, object design, ergonomics

Materials: Polyethylene & polymer

Sector: Automotive

CAR'in is an ergonomic cover to protect the interior of a vehicle in order to transport waste/dirty objects and thus promote the passage in the garbage. The system is easily fixed in a few minutes thanks to magnets, completely protects the interior (including the ceiling) of the car. The integration of flaps also helps protect the body when loading waste. A forward opening is offered as an option to accommodate long objects, with protection of the dashboard thanks to the extended tongue.

The AR'in cover fits in less than 3 minutes on all hatchback vehicles. Two hooks will attach to the passenger handles, and magnets sewn into the fabric will place it on the body. The range includes 3 models (Citadine, Granspace and Max) to cover the entire hatchback fleet.