Design of a cooking appliance

Services: 3D modeling, industrial design, technical & functional optimization, CAD, object design, ergonomics

Materials: Stainless steel

Sector: Wholesale trade

Located in Montpellier, the startup Carnal Grill specializes in the innovation of cooking appliances. The first range is a reversible multi-support barbecue. Resistant to the external environment and to all meteorological constraints (T° de-25°C to +50°C, UV, precipitation, etc.) due to materials and design. Cooking is burning by embers, wood or charcoal.

The innovation of the object comes from its ability to attach itself to a standard balcony of housing in order to offer its function to a public + wide. Indeed, it is particularly suitable for the urban environment and its unique system of reversible hooks allows it to be suspended above the balcony as well as above the void.