Multi-application cooler range

Services: packaging design, packaging, technical & functional optimization, packaging

Materials: polyurethane (PU), steel

Industry: Industry & Packaging

Market: international

Based in France and Belgium, COLD & CO is a cold chain expert with over 15 years' experience in the food, pharmaceutical, transport and logistics sectors. The company is dedicated to the creation and distribution of solutions dedicated to the protection of temperature-controlled products (fresh, frozen, ambient or hot) during the last mile.

All ranges are designed to optimally accommodate rigid PCM (or eutectic) gels, which enable products to be stored at precise temperatures (from -80°C to 25°C). The solution adapts to the diversity of products to be transported: fresh, ambient, frozen.

The DiagnoCase Précision range (red) is an isothermal cooler designed for transporting pharmaceutical or biological products. It features high-performance PU casing reinforcement (60mm thick - Lambda of 0.021) and an ergonomic system of interlocking PCM coolers to create a perfect igloo (from -20°С to +25°С) from 12 to 120h. The polyurethane frame is encased in a sturdy, waterproof and washable double textile cover.

The MessengerBAGS range (blue) is a multi-application cooler that combines flexibility, light weight and high performance. Designed in robust, waterproof fabric, thermal insulation is provided by an aluminized inflatable structure offering real performance. Available assembled or flat-packed for optimized logistics.