Designing a connected probe

Services: product design, industrial design, 3D modeling, CAD, technical design, prototyping, object design, ergonomics

Materials: Recycled polypropylene & bamboo

Sector: Engineering & technical studies

Librafluides Concept was created in 2017 by 3 trained engineers. The founders are on their third entrepreneurial project together over 12 years. Located near Paris, the company offers a wide range of energy and building renovation solutions.

SemLink is a temperature and humidity sensor for installation in homes and offices. There is no interaction with the user, as the whole unit is connected to a dedicated application. The box records ambient temperatures and humidity on a web platform, enabling control to be optimized over time. SemLink has been the object of an eco-design approach using bio-sourced materials: bamboo & recycled polypropylene (PP).