Design of measuring spoons

Services: art direction, product design, industrial design, technical design, prototyping, object design

Materials: Bisphenol A and phthalate-free polymer

Market: international

Design of a solution adapted to facilitate babies' dietary diversification (vegetables, starchy foods, fruit, proteins, fats). 5 dosing spoons: Dosies, numbered and colored according to the 5 food families. They will help you give the right portions of vegetables, starches, proteins... according to your baby's age. These 5 measuring spoons are specially designed to make life easier for parents. Accompanied by a small guide indicating the quantities and textures of foods according to age, Dosies help balance your children's meals. We thought them up and designed them for Ma Petite Assiette with CĂ©line De Sousa, chef for the TV show La Maison des Maternelles.

For healthy, balanced meals, Dosies measuring spoons are designed to follow baby's dietary development and diversification up to 24 months, enabling parents to feed the right quantities of vegetables, starchy foods, proteins, fruit and fats.

Accompanied by a small guide specifying the guideline quantities recommended by health and infant nutrition professionals, they save you the trouble of weighing food.